Our Infertility Journey

June 2010 – March 2011

Dave and I were so excited to finally starting trying to get pregnant, so I had my Implanon removed in June 2010.  Month after month I would get my period and I would keep telling myself that next month it will happen.  After all my Dr said it can take up to a year.  After a few months Dave got tested just to make sure, everything was great.  I still kept telling myself that nothing was wrong it will just take some time.

April 2011

Went in for my annual exam and told my Dr we had been trying to get pregnant for a year with no luck.  She decided to run some tests to see  if there was something going on.  A few days later I got the first of the dreaded phone calls.  I was told that my AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) was undetectable and they wanted to rerun the test.  In the mean time she wanted me to look into seeing a fertility specialist.  The second round of tests had the same results.

After lots and lots of crying I researched fertility specialists and choose one.

May 2011

I choose a fertility specialist and had to wait a month to get in.  However this month gave me plenty of time to fill out the 20 page questionnaire, yes 20 pages. Dave and I finally had our consultation with Dr. Bush.  Dr. Bush confirmed my worst fears that it would be extremely difficult for me to get pregnant.  At our consultation, based on the lab results, Dr. Bush diagnosed my with “Severe Decreased Ovarian Reserve”.

To confirm everything I again had to have blood drawn in fact 5 vials worth.  I thought I was going to collapse when I left the office.  And then an ultrasound, I did not know it was an internal ultrasound until my appointment.  That was a shocker!  Dave and I had our follow-up appointment to review the lab & ultrasound results.  Everything was confirmed.  My AMH was still undetectable and my standing follicle count is at 3 (the average women is at 13).  Dr. Bush decided to start me on DHEA to see if we could get my AMH and standing follicle count up.

June, July & August 2011

For 3 months I took 75mg of DHEA a day (1/2 a pill twice a day) to see if the AMH & standing follicle count would go up.  If this was achieved we would try IUI (Insemination).  So I continued to take the DHEA and had several more blood tests & ultrasounds.  I read several reviews on DHEA and some women had some crazy side effects so I was not sure how I would react.  The first month I was a bit emotional but I don’t think it was the DHEA, I think it was all the emotions I had about being told I was infertile.  The only real side effect I had was acne, it’s very embarrassing to have acne at 30.

September 2011

So after 3 months of DHEA my AMH levels went up a little but my resting follicle count stayed the same.  Dave and I decided to try 1 round of IUI to see what happened.  We have to try all of our options at least once so we can’t say in the future that we did not try everything.  This was a very intense process.  I had to keep a spreadsheet on the fridge to make sure I took the medication I was supposed to when I was supposed to, go in for my ultrasound, give myself some injections, etc…….  After I was 1 day late for my period I took several pregnancy tests that came back negative.  They were correct I got my period 1 week later.  We were completely devastated.

October 2011 – February 2012

Dave and I decided to take a break from everything and enjoy the holidays with our family.  We did just that.

March 2012

We felt that it was time to go back in and see Dr. Bush. The IUI was unsuccessful so we needed to talk about the next step.  Due to my low AMH levels Dr. Bush recommends that we try IVF (In-Vetro Fertilization) using an Egg Donor.  We can also adopt or let nature take it’s course and see if we get pregnant but risk that not happening.  What to do, what to do????  The IVF with an Egg Donor is not covered by our insurance so we are looking at some enormous out of pocket expenses….. YIKES!


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