After many agonizing months Dave & I are overjoyed to share the news that we have decided to expand our family through adoption. But we need your help, the adoption process is incredibly expensive ($20,000+).  We will be doing some fundraising to help with these costs.  I will post the fundraisers on this page.  We greatly appreciate your support, we couldn’t do it without you. Please help make all our dreams come true!

Puzzle Fundraiser

We have purchased a jigsaw puzzle, pictured below.  Each piece can be “donated” for $10. Each person who donates $10 will have their name written on the back of a puzzle piece. Another option is to donate several pieces and write a message on them. The pieces are not very big so this would have to be 1-2 words per piece.

The puzzle will be assembled one piece at a time, as donations come in.  When it is complete we will have it framed with glass on both sides. This way we will always be able to remember the friends, family and caring strangers that helped us fulfill our dreams and expand our family.

To make your donation:

After you’ve made your donation please email us at with the name or message you’d like on your puzzle pieces.

Make a Wish Cottage by Thomas Kinkade

Handmade Personalized Scrapbooks

A scrapbook is the perfect way to keep and enjoy your memories.  However it is very time consuming to complete a scrapbook. As a way to raise funds for our adoption I’d like to help you with your scrapbook.  There are a few ways I can do this:

1) If you have the supplies but not the time:

  •  I create the pages and you put the pictures in – $25*
  •  I create the pages and I assemble the entire book – $40**

2) If all you have are the pictures

  •  I get the supplies, create the pages and you put the pictures in – $40* + material costs
  •  I get all the supplies and assemble the entire book – $60** + material costs

Please contact Amanda at or 303-859-0077 to discuss further.

* Prices are for 20 pages – each additional page is $2

** Prices are for 20 pages – each additional page is $2 + material costs


Adoption Prayer Bracelet

Lovingly handmade….. Each as unique as the adoption journey it represents…

Each bracelet comes in a special travel bag and prayer card.  $24.99 for one, $19.98 each for two or more, they are a beautiful reminder of the promise of adoption.

To order your bracelet please visit

Many colors & styles are available.


One thought on “Fundraising

  1. I think this is so amazing!!! And a great way to help!!!

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