We’ve reached Fundraising Goal #1


Thanks to many generous people we have meet goal #1 and are on our way to goal #2 (more info coming soon on Goal #2).


It has been a long few weeks.  We’ve been doing lots & lots of research about the adoption process and still have a lot of questions.

We are so excited to say that we have scheduled a meeting with A Step Ahead Adoption Services (ASA) on June 13th to discuss their program and to ask as many questions as we can.  ASA has a great program in place and great success rates.  We are very excited about this meeting, it’s the first step of many to come.

ASA is not an adoption agency – instead they have a “network” of agencies and attorneys who work with ASA consultants to help families realize their dreams of becoming parents through adoption. By networking instead of signing on with one agency, we are opening the door to broader market.

How can you help you ask!!!!  To utilize ASA’s network we need to reach Fundraising Goal #1 of $3,300

Check out our fundraising page to see how you can help.  https://ahopefuljourneythroughinfertility.wordpress.com/fundraising/ – Please pass this along to everyone you know!


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