Dave’s Point of View

You have all read my feelings on our journey thus far, below are some of Dave’s thoughts. 

Dave and I recently had to write letters for a grant we applied for.  Here are some excerpts from his letter.

“We have fallen on some rather rough times as of the last two plus years. These rough times have led us to this point, creating the need to apply for this grant. At this point adoption is our final option; we are ready to add to our family. We are the type of people who feel that there are children out in the world that need our help and we can create an environment that will help to nurture both sides of this relationship.”
“Let’s go back three years, we both turned 29 and felt like we were ready to start our family. We stopped all forms of birth control that we were using at the time; we both figured that we could be pregnant within six months. Well six, nine, twelve months pass and still nothing, at that point we decided to go see a Dr. As it turns out it was determined that my wife has a very low likelihood of ever conceiving a child on her own. This devastated both of us.”
“However now that we have started looking deeper into the entire adoption process we have come to realize that this is also not a feasible financial option for us. The fact that I am a seventh grade math teacher is a major stumbling block for us.”
“We simply can’t make our dream of adding to our family a reality without money that your organization could so graciously provide to us. I am not normally the type of person who asks for assistance on anything, but in this case without your help our dream will simply die. We are missing a key piece of our future family plans; we will always feel incomplete without a child to call our own.”

2 thoughts on “Dave’s Point of View

  1. Shae Thomas says:

    :’) I so hope you guys get this grant! ❤

  2. leecabrale says:

    Don’t ever view your career choice as a stumbling block. Everyday you teach you support and inspire children. That is why you will make a great father some day.Don’t give up on your dream to be a father because there is a child out there that needs a father like you
    Love you,

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