Children ask the darnedest things

So this weekend my 5 year old niece Ava asked me a question that completely threw me for a loop.  She sweetly & innocently asked me “Aunty Amanda, you and Uncle Dave are married, why don’t you have any babies?”

How do I answer this?……..

I have no idea.  So I looked her in the eyes and told her that Aunty Amanda has something wrong with her and the Dr’s have to help her have a baby.  I don’t know that this was the right way to answer her question but it’s all I could think of at the time.  Any suggestions on how to talk to children about infertility? I know that she will ask again or another of my nieces and nephews will ask.


One thought on “Children ask the darnedest things

  1. Mom says:

    Young children cannot grasp the complex or abstract ideas adults have. As children grow, they gradually grasp more than concrete ideas, and a wider array of concrete ideas are accumulated during their sensory encounters. Tell any child that you are waiting for a special child to join your family. A child that is as special as you are Ava. The truth is simple for children to understand they are concrete thinkers.

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